My Visual Studio Code Setup

In case you you’re curious, here are the visual studio code extensions I am using:

  • Auto Rename Tag which automatically renames both sides of a tag pair.
  • Babel JavaScript provides additional syntax highlighting for modern JavaScript versions, React JSX, Flow and GraphQL.
  • Change-case which allows me to quickly change between various case notations.
  • Darcula Theme which closely resembles the Darcula theme from JetBrain IDEs.
  • IntelliCode provides additional code completion features.
  • Intellij IDEA Keybindings which brings many keyboard shortcuts from IntelliJ.
  • Material Icon Theme replaces and adds various icons for different file names.
  • Prettier which is an opinionated code formatter.

The font I’m using is Fira Code with ligatures enabled. Here is my settings JSON file. And whenever you see a keyboard shortcut pop-up in the bottom, that’s from the built-in VS Code Screencast feature. You can enable it when presenting so that your audience can see all the keys or shortcuts you’re pressing.

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